MTM started as commentary on what was happening with Axanar, a lot was and is still being learned from what was going on because there’s no shortage of drama and conflict, there’s contradictions and so much more that Axanar’s production will now spill over into 2023.

So now MTM has expanded to take a look at fan films in general, thoughts about Star Trek on TV if needed to express them and maybe show a few collectables that I’ve got that are a drop in the ocean compared to everybody else but at least we all got some.

MTM helped create the Trekzone Fan Film Awards in 2022 and it was a great achievement and I am looking forward to 2023 as there will be a lot of fan films to sort through.

So about me, people call me Chuck and it is not my given name but I prefer to be called Chuck as I have been called it since a name was decided for me, I am an Australian, I love Star Trek, NASCAR, Basketball and a couple of other little things like gardening, writing, thinking etc.

I loved Enterprise and fought for it to go beyond four seasons in the Save Enterprise/Trekunited days (I was known as Aussie Trekkie) and then after a few years was tired of being around Star Trek all the time and so I eventually went away to do other things like internet radio but still watched the movies at the cinema and of course watched fan films.

Lastly, I have never lived in Perth, I have never visited Western Australia, my name is not Matt Miller despite at least two people saying so and yes I do like Vegemite too.