Top Ten Most Watched Star Trek Fan Films

Top Ten Most Watched Star Trek Fan Films (not counting Sci-Fi franchise crossovers) as of March 7, 2023.

Star Trek: Horizon – 15.66 million views

Star Trek: Renegades (1st episode) – 12.59 million views

Prelude to Axanar – 5.43 million views

Star Trek: Of Gods and Men – 4.44 million views

Star Trek: First Frontier – 3.91 million views

Pilgrim of Eternity – 3.08 million views

The Tressaurian Intersection – 1.91 million views

Enemy: Starfleet – 1.61 million views

Still Treads the Shadow – 1.56 million views.

Kitumba – 1.42 million views


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