The Players

March 9 2022

If you want to see everything that happens in the Axanar world for yourself, check out the people and the website locations to get your Axanar fix.

Sometimes you have to hop from group to group because of the amount of blocking that goes on, so if somebody publishes in AxaMonitor, you’ll most likely find a rebuttal in The Real Truth About Axanar or vice versa because either the responder has been blocked or is unwilling to enter the group. 

Major Players (not in order of importance)

Mike Bawden – Former Axanar PR Guy
Robert Meyer Burnett – Former Axanar Director and Prelude to Axanar Editor
Jonathan Lane – Interlude Executive Producer & Fan Film Factor Founder
Carlos Pedraza – AxaMonitor Founder
Alec Peters – Axanar Founder
Paul Jenkins – Former Axanar Director
Matt Miller – Founder of Trekzone
Emmett Plant – Star Trek Audiobook Producer
Shawn O’Halloran – AxaMonitor Member
Michael Hinman – After Axanar
Sandy Greenberg  – After Axanar

Major Sites
AxaMonitor (website), (Facebook Group)
Axanar (website), (Facebook Page)
Trekzone (website)
After Axanar (formerly CBS vs. Axanar

Minor Sites
Axanar Fanpage (Facebook Page)
Axanar Comics (Facebook Page)
We ♥ Axanar (The Memes) – (Facebook Group)
Fan Film Factor (website)