How many Axanar related groups/pages are there?

November 10 2018

How many Axanar groups are out there?

The answer is no less than 19 groups or pages related to Axanar, most of them have the same material posted by the same people somewhere else but the conversations can be different so you got to look around to get a complete story on any subject.

It has to be said that some of the content you will see on some of these pages can be considered offensive by some people.

Below is some of the Axanar groups and pages that people visit, some are very active and some have been dormant for some time.

The Axanar Universe
The REAL Truth About Axanar
Axanar Fan Group
Axanar Fanpage
Axanar Comics
Axanar the Debacle
The Axanar Alliance
We Stand With Axanar
Banned from Axanar
Axanar Connect Page
Star Trek: Axanar
Axanar Gaming
Alec Peters
We ♥ Axanar (The Memes)
Who Monitors the Axamonitor
I Stand With Axanar


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