The hoax and name calling

November 10 2018

A big topic over the last week has been the elaborate hoax that happened on the Axamonitor FB group.

The hoax was that Axamonitor admin Shawn P. O’Halloran on Facebook wrote up reports that he went over to Atlanta and visited the places that Axanar head Alec Peters likes to visit but the reality was that he never left home.

The point of the hoax when asked about it was to have been a laugh about the measures taken to ban Carlos Pedraza and members of Axamonitor from Axacon.

Personally I believe that the wording of this hoax was distasteful, it could of been written up differently and still had a chance of achieving comedy.

There was no need for descriptions of clogged toilets and descriptions about hair plugs and burnt waffles etc and going to the Pink Pony which is apparently some strip club.

An employee would never have talked about a customer badly as we live in the social media age of viral posts and videos and employees do get fired quickly if they’re caught on film.

The hoax was reported to have been so well written that people even at Axamonitor believed it, a call was even made to the Federal Coffee House to confirm that Shawn never went there.

Nobody ever planned to go all the way out to Axacon and stir up trouble, Carlos spent days at SphinxCon right next to Axacon and he didn’t disrupt anyone, in fact Axacon let him in for the last part of the day despite their ban.

The above was even well celebrated by many in the Axanar world, the full effects of the colliding of worlds is yet to be established.

I was also asked about my opinions on comments that are considered vulgar about Alec’s girlfriend, himself and other people.

To me, it is wrong to write about somebody having a prolapsed anus even with the argument going on that it was repaired via donor funds making it a legitimate topic (the claim has been refuted), saying somebody is Lex Luthor or Ted Bundy etc, that they smell like cheeto and ointment, comments on if somebody has had a boob job, that somebody has fetishes, that prefers certain kinds of shirts, comments on level of intelligence and many more.

I have apparently not expressed my thoughts good enough on this issue even if a list has been compiled and published of name calling and the list is over 30 terms long but I will try to express them more to the best of my ability and whenever possible and that is all that I can do.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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