Monitor Wrap (28/12/18)

December 28 2018

Due to a couple of personal problems such as the loss of a pet and depression, my reply to Jonathan Lane on Part Two will be delayed for a bit as the heart isn’t in it to work on the rest of the piece.

Meanwhile MTM’s Person of the Year and voting appears to have a definitive winner though second place is a tie between Shawn P. O’Halloran and Alec Peters and it will be interesting to see who gets in front in the end though Sandy Greenberg has received some love recently and is on their tail.

Matt Miller has cut down the 3 hour interview with Jonathan Lane into one 30 minute piece.

The latest joke on Axamonitor’s FB page is that the cut down version is pretty much Matt is Charlie Brown and Jonathan is Lucy and Jonathan takes the football away.

It is sad to see such images, fandom can be really nasty at times and it doesn’t make anybody look like they are in the right, it doesn’t make them smarter or heroic and certainly not richer, it just makes them stoop.

Meanwhile the Axamonitor website is going to have a Top 10 stories countdown for this year, it will be interesting to see what comes in at #1.

Axanar has released a new video today, Alec talks about a couple of issues, it will be interesting to see if anybody at Axamonitor notices it, so far they haven’t and it has been up for several hours.

That’s it for now.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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