Figuring out plans

January 24 2019

Axanar Confidential debuted yesterday afternoon Australian time and for two hours the world got to hear a lot about Axanar, CBS, ‘Trolls’, Prelude to Axanar, Star Trek Continues, James Cawley, Vic Mignogna and much more.

The beauty of shows like these is that you can hear the thoughts of a person as they are spoken, there is no editing to hide anything and everything good will come out and everything bad will come out too.

Axanar Confidential picked up over somewhere around $400 during the two hour show with all money is going to Ares Studios (Rocketworx) which is different to Axanar’s ‘Axanar Productions’ yet the show is on the Axanar channel.

The reason it is on Axanar’s channel is believed to be because the Axanar channel has over the minimum amount of subscribers and lifespan needed to be able to collect revenue.

The show itself was a mixed bag, you could hear passion for the project but then when it came to topics like CBS or ‘trolls’ you can see and hear a lot of anger and when that anger rose things threatened to get way off track.

Meanwhile the Patreon account is doing well, it is up to $877 of its $4,000 per month goal.

Viewers yesterday heard that Alec has been paying for Ares Studios alone for several months (up to six months) but here’s something odd, the OWC deal was said to be for one year but on the Patreon Promo video, Alec is saying they extended it by six months.

Assuming that the year was May 2017 to May 2018, an extension would take it to November 2018 which was Axacon and the last time we seen the ‘OWC Studios’ moniker.

If that’s true, the minimum number of going at it alone would be three months.

In part one of Jonathan’s printed interview with Alec, Alec only mentions a yearly deal but nothing about the additional six months.

No doubt the interview will do Jonathan good business as Axanar always brings in the readers and as we have joked before, a couple more rubles have no doubt been put into the slot in that Jukebox in Siberia.

The interview has talked about the big story that taken up some time on Axamonitor’s FB page early in the week and that was Ares Studios may have to eventually move from its current location and Alec provided the following;

“The space has been listed by the landlord for months because we optioned a smaller space in a new building that’s being completed by the landlord literally next door.  If we don’t bring in enough to fund the $4K/month in rent and utilities to stay in the same location, we have first dibs on the new building at a cost about half of what I’m paying now out of pocket.”

That’s a nice landlord for offering a smaller place for around half the price but if things go well with Patreon and YouTube then having money won’t be a problem ensuring that everyone stays put and things continue on.

There is so much out there for everyone to carefully consider, so much has been said either in text or verbally that should give people the incentive to pause for awhile to take everything in before making judgement.

Read and watch things slowly, you will either find consistency or inconsistency if you are patient enough to find it.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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