May 23 2019

Polling is underway to see what people think is going to happen with Axanar and Interlude.

The first question is “Will Interlude be made?” and you can vote on the question here, Jonathan Lane believes it will cost no more than $20,800 if he takes Insurance and $18,800 without it.

Interlude is expected to run for just under the time allocated for one part of the two allowed by CBS’s guidelines.

Question two is ‘Will Axanar be made in 2020?‘ Axanar is expected to be made in stages with filming taking place in different locations at different times.

Axanar’s two parts were originally planned to start being made late last year but it has been pushed back to October this year.

There’s two big things to consider, will Ares Studios have sufficient funding to remain where they are by then and will it be film ready?

Secondly and this is the big one, would Axanar and Interlude both have their funding ready to go by September (Interlude) and October (Axanar) respectively?

We’re almost in June so Interlude has four months and Axanar has five months, it is a really tough ask, Interlude has the better chance of succeeding being a tenth of the Axanar price tag.

Perhaps all the eggs should go in Interlude’s basket to boost consumer confidence in Ares Studios and in turn Axanar?

This is why people are so unsure about Axanar, things don’t make sense a lot of the time, some information is vague, some contradict, other things are incorrect and that doesn’t feel the average fan film donor with confidence.

Until next time, be good to each other.


One thought on “Polls

  1. This is a(nother) con, clearly. Get idiots, sorry, fans to stump up a load of cash to pay for stuff then pass the stuff on to Alec Peters. And did you read the list of things that this guy expects other people to pay for? Hire cars? Hotels? If people really want to support fan films they should give their hard earned sheckels to fan film producers who are in it for the right reasons and Vance Major Owen springs to mind right away – a guy who makes ends meet however way he can and could perhaps use a helping hand. Not these two charlatans.


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