MTM Wrap (20/12/20)

December 20 2020

As the year winds down, we are reminded that the Axanar saga will continue for at least one more year and hopefully 2021 is the last chapter of the story.

The Real Truth About Axanar came back to life after some time away, Vic Mignogna was made a topic and Carlos Pedraza was mentioned as ‘Bad People’ (Bad person) with the claim that he supports sexual predators.

Carlos responded that he does not support Vic and it is suspected that this post by Alec was just a way to rack up some quick points with supporters who wouldn’t check if it is true or not.

Robert Meyer Burnett decided to crack a joke on Twitter about not wanting to live in a world where Discovery exists, some are angry that he decided to crack a joke about death as it is not a laughing matter, one thing is for certain is that is also horrible that some people wish that he would really die.

Alec Peters recently defended Star Trek which was risky considering that a lot of people who don’t like Discovery and Picard like the upcoming Axanar fan film because they think it is ‘Real Star Trek’ and for those shows getting a defence, it puts them in a tough position.

54.59% of voters have given the video a Thumbs Up, this margin is lower than most Axanar videos as viewers are usually heavily in favour of whatever is posted for example 91.17% were in favour of both Starfleet Tactical #28 and Axanar Confidential #88 (31 to 3 both times).

Axanar Confidential #88 was about respecting fan communities and as you may of guessed, CBS was mentioned and they were mentioned over a dozen times, Alec also says that “CBS may see me as enemy number one because I had the gall to make decent Star Trek”.

If Alec is (public) enemy number one, CBS would be making life really difficult because Alec is regularly breaking the settlement between himself, Axanar Productions and CBS with his decisions yet ViacomCBS is currently letting him go on his merry way so he’s not enemy number one.

It was said that there is division in Star Trek fans, that has been going on for decades, some fans thought TNG was nothing compared to the original Star Trek and Deep Space Nine was too slow compared to TNG and Voyager was too clean, the ship was always in showroom condition and things weren’t desperate as they said it was etc and they say Enterprise was doomed because it was a prequel and was too good looking for a prequel and then you got the Temporal Cold War and the Xindi.

Axanar will probably be a good fan film when it gets done and it may be one of the best fan films out there because they’ve got a lot of professionals in it compared to the majority of productions that have a majority of amateurs in the ranks but it isn’t ‘Real Star Trek’ and it will never be, it is a fan film and a launch pad for future job and financial opportunities.

We keep hearing the line that CBS thought Prelude was too good, it was too good for a fan film because of the composition of cast and crew plus finances were a cut above the majority of fan films, there was hardly an amateur in the ranks, it was no backyard effort, it was the beginning of an industry, an invasion on a property that wasn’t theirs to make a future on.

If people think there is something wrong with Star Trek, get a career in film and television and try fixing it yourself, chances are people will be all upset with whatever you come up with because there are a million and one ideas for Star Trek and it is rare two people’s visions match.

Meanwhile there has been no new information on Interlude for some time now, Axanar put up a clip from it this week but it is a clip that was previously shown and nobody knows if Jonathan Lane allowed that as it is his show (supposed to be) or it was just a post to drum up interest in Axanar.

AxaMonitor’s FB group covered the majority of the above, opinions are mixed on the topics but that is Democracy in action as long as the conversation is civil, the conversation about RMB got out of control and had to be closed which doesn’t happen often.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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