The Animations That Have Animated Star Trek Fans

June 20 2022

You’ve probably heard about the animated TNG and Voyager short videos , if you haven’t well they are short videos that use audio from a particular episode and the scenes from the episode that audio came from are animated in the style of The Animated Series.

Since the release of the TNG video, Justin T. Lee has been busy as there have been interviews with TrekCulture, Trekzone and Fan Film Factor among places with Matt’s interview taking place on April 28 to talk about how things came to be so if you got a half hour to spare, check it out above plus Justin worked on the Voyager clip that came out on June 11.

Star Trek in Filmation style has been done before by the Farragut gang who branched out their fan film series into animation and it done pretty well so if you’re looking for an all original tribute, the above is it.

The TNG animation was a big success with just over 485,000 views so far registered on YouTube with over 33,000 likes too which is something that most of us would just love to have on something that we work on.

Coming up fast on that 485,000 views is a Voyager animation, this video is likely to be more popular than the Voyager episode itself which is “Threshold”, yep the one where Tom Paris and Captain Janeway turn into creatures and they have a family (and somehow get past awkwardness into the future).

This work plus the Farragut videos show the Filmation style is something that fans can enjoy decades after it was originally done and that is always a good thing.


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