MTM Wrap (31/12/22)

December 31 2022

Released this week was “Ultimate Survival” and this one involves a Section 31 agent who is up to no good and must be stopped, this fan film runs for 18 minutes and is in memory of Joanne Blackburn .

From Euderion Infinity is a new fan film and it is called “Next in Line”, this fan film runs for 18 minutes and the Euderion Infinity team puts together great productions so make sure you check it out.

There’s a Star Trek and Star Wars crossover and it is called “World Between Worlds”, it’s an animated fan film and it is pretty interesting putting together the two Sci-Fi franchises and it looks like a conclusion is coming soon.

This year has been a very productive year for fan films and there’s so much to go through as we are hours away from 2023.

We’ve seen Emma Thorne become a fan film star after she starred in “Duty Calls” and “Chaos at the Neutral Zone” she is also very popular on YouTube with over 100,000 subscribers.

We saw the release of “The Icarus Incident”, “The Tholian Gambit”, “Battle of Velsak 2” and “One Small Step” as Samuel Cockings really got cracking in making and releasing fan films in 2022.

We saw Aaron Vanderkley complete his Voyager era fan films to great acclaim with fans treated to “Resistance” and “Outbreak” this year, two great fan films telling great stories.

We saw Yorktown: A Time To Heal cross the finish line at long last after decades of challenges from finances to how to figure out how to finish a fan film that was started in the 1980’s and the finishing touches were put together in the 2020’s.

We saw Trekzone partner up with us to create a fan film awards show and while some Interlude torpedoes were fired at us, we got on with the job and put on a great show.

The 2023 awards will be even better now we know what we need to do to make it the best possible experience for all.

We saw Axanar’s two parter (aka episodes) get pushed back another year and we also saw the same old Prelude to Axanar/Scrapped Axanar videos being uploaded again and again with some people thinking that they are fresh videos.

We saw Alec Peters and Paul Jenkins fight on in court for yet another year with no end in sight.

We saw Ambush being released and receive over 26,000 views, the fight scene is worth watching as it ends with depending on who you back a satisfying snap.

We saw Doomsday come along and carved out more than 125,000 views this year as viewers saw what happened to Commodore Decker’s brave crew.

We saw that Dreadnaught Dominion released “The Replacements” and it is a unique fan film as it is an interesting story of seizing control from afar, something that would be terrifying if somebody could seize an aircraft, a car or ship.

We saw that Potemkin Pictures worked hard all year releasing fan films by its large stable of series, one of those fan films was “The Castaway” and you got to admire their ability to get so many various fan films out there.

The above is just a small selection of fan films that were released in 2022 with over 20 fan films out there making it a very agonising selection process for the 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards as there’s so many good ones and early next year will serve up more before the selection process begins.

Thank you for being here this year, it is no secret that aside from a half dozen subscribers very few read these wraps but that doesn’t matter because as long as one person does read it and know something new, it’s worth doing.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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