The 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards date is set!

July 10, 2023 is the date set for the 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards at the early Queensland, Australia time of 7am to allow for maximum international participation.

So, what will happen is that on May 17, I (Chuck) will start going through the list of all the fan films released in the thirteen months since April 16, 2022, and then I pick what I consider to be the best four for each of the many great categories.

The original aim of the Fan Film Awards was to include everybody, no matter what but there are some that don’t want us to do anything with their productions so we have to leave them out and fan film fans may think that we’re snubbing them, but we aren’t it is that things sometimes just don’t work out and we got to respect their wishes.

Nominations last year were a surprise to people, but we encountered a lengthy and stressful problem regarding Interlude, and it threw a spanner into the works so we had to go back to the drawing board so we can avoid a similar situation this year.

So, what will happen this year is that the nomination choices will be made, and Matt will ask the nominees for their OK and if anybody declines nomination then another nomination will be found from looking through the fan films again, and they’ll be asked and then after the nominations are set in stone Matt makes the announcements of who is nominated.

The fan films are then watched again with winners being selected and my job is largely done.

Matt like last year doesn’t have a say or the final say on which fan films to nominate, or which ones are the winning ones, he’ll answer any queries I have about things like does this character qualify to be a supporting actor/actress etc. but he doesn’t try and override my choices.

The fan film “Duty Calls” can’t be in the running for awards because Matt is in it and we would be big headed and a bunch of hypocrites if it is allowed to contest, we know it is strange to leave it out, but we want to play fair and not have people being suspicious of us because it would just not look right to have Matt looking into a camera lens and announcing a fan film he was part of as a winner.

So once the nominations are done and the winners selected, Matt is free to start putting the production together, every few days or less I will get the latest plan for the show’s production, and I get asked if I have anything to add or question about or am asked for an opinion on something.

Eventually the morning arrives; and Matt puts his face on the screen and hosts the show and during breaks in hosting duties will message me to see what I think about the show so far.

By lunch we are done, the production team will be celebrating and my work on the 2024 awards starts pretty much immediately with a new list of fan productions already being filled up.

That’s it, stay tuned.


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