MTM Wrap (20/5/23)

Twenty days into May and here we are for another week.

Eligibility for the 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards closed on the 16th, the last fan film released before the closure was “Reciprocity” which made it by about eighteen hours.

Saying that the awards are big this year is no exaggeration, we have some more awards this year though we had to subtract one from the 2022 list as there were not enough collaborations to make a category this year.

We have nineteen categories and they designed to acknowledge everybody from the actors and actresses to those who do the make-up and makes those in front of the camera look good.

So, what happens now is that the many roles in fan films are put into categories and from that six are chosen in each category with four first choices and two alternates in the event somebody says no, a lesson learned last year.

On June 10, Matt Miller will be announcing the four nominees for each category and then it is time to cut the four in each category down to one ready for Matt to do what he does best on July 10.

Sometimes the scale of the awards seems too much for me to handle but then again, our preparation throughout the year has made the task a lot easier, it was done by writing down all the fan films and their links as they were released so when May 16 came around, we had our starting point and then we could pick apart the fan films for the information we needed without searching YouTube over and over wasting precious time.

My hope is that everybody will have a great time on July 10, it is a celebration of fan films, a party that can be enjoyed by people around the world especially now that the start time has been brought forward so more people can enjoy it.

There’s more to say about the awards but they are stories that will come along the way.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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