Will Axanar members appear on Trekzone?

June 11 2018

Axanar and Trekzone have so far gone together like a match and petrol fumes, boom.

It never used to be like that but the relationship has changed over the last two years with Trekzone being judged by some to be Axanar whipper #2 after AxaMonitor.

Trekzone’s collaborations with AxaMonitor have not helped Axanar gain any confidence that any appearance will be met without reporting bias.

However the ice may be thawing out just a little, Trekzone made a statement on their most recent video calling on three Axanar members to talk with them about Treklanta and other things.

One did respond but it initially did not go well with Trekzone calling the member a ‘coward’ for refusing to talk after objections were raised about editing.

Strangely the next comment from Trekzone offered a live broadcast to ensure no editing could take place and details were being suddenly being thrashed out privately.

No doubt there will be an Axanar huddle to discuss whether or not it is a good idea plus if it is a go, make sure that everything said is 100% factual so they aren’t picked apart in a Trekzone or AxaMonitor special.

If a talk does happen, it will not be the Alec Peters talk that Trekzone wants but we may be seeing a better era of relations that one day may get that talk.

We’ll see.


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