Monitor wrap (14/6/18)

June 14 2018

The ‘Slow Lane’ nickname is once again back in action on AxaMonitor’s FB group with a new film poster parody of Alec Peters and Jonathan Lane. which is also Trekzone reported about Axanar’s call for Volunteers to finish the ship bridge by November, Axanar is apparently lurching forward which is better than backwards or nowhere.

Still no sign of a Trekzone – Axanar show featuring somebody from Axanar after negotiations were spotted on Trekzone’s interview with Potemkin Pictures.

Those who like Twitter can check out this Garth of Izar account that is trying to be Alec Peters.

Axanar’s FB page is quiet with nothing since last month but there is a Captain’s Log available and there was another one done the next day.

Axanar comics has new comic pages coming up in the next couple of days, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Open Source Axanar had a video restored but now the channel appears to no longer exist, apparently this Axanar is using bits and pieces from the production of Axanar.

Fan Film Factor has not written about Axanar in several days instead writing up several pieces about Pacific 201 and other productions.

That’s about it.


2 thoughts on “Monitor wrap (14/6/18)

  1. Hi there, thanks for the wrap up on the news world of Axanar. Negotiations are continuing on the live episode, but I’m advanced in the planning required to go live (given I usually do the main program edit in post production.)

    I wont go into too much more detail, but keep watching for the latest info.


    1. This interview could do so much for or against Axanar even if it is not with the man who sits at the top of the tree so of course they’d be cautious and go with live interview.

      There appears to be little trust between TZ and Axanar, this could be your United States – North Korea moment.

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