Monitor Wrap (20/6/18)

June 20 2018

So Part Two of the Alec Peters interview has come up on Fan Film Factor with Alec explaining why Axanar is taking so long to become Axanar.

Over at the AxaMonitor group there seems to be a catchphrase going around in response with it being <we laugh> complete with pictures of some not so nice historical figures including Adolf Hitler and what looks like Goebbels.

A new mock movie poster is out and about and it is called ‘Bridge of Lies’, got to say despite the subject matter the posters do look nicely done.

Axanar will now have a hard time getting a say on a particular Star Trek group after admins voted to police the content that is posted about Axanar, to find the post click on the link then go to ‘Announcements’.

The policing is reportedly because of abuse from supporters of Axanar and as readers know we don’t like people behaving like that no matter what side of the fence they’re on

The above is proof that there is no point arguing with or mocking somebody online even in private chat because there is a wonderful convention called a ‘screenshot’ and it would be seen by the masses in a short period of time.

Axanar has released another Captain’s Log and they have also announced a new convention with a very unfortunate title which is ‘Axacon’ and it amuses people who think Axanar is a money grabbing con.

AxaMonitor (website) reports on Axacon, what the difference SphinxCon and Axacon is concerning prices, talks about the company Propworx and invites discussion on the Facebook group.

Axacon will be part of SphinxCon on November 2 to 4 at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport.

That’s pretty much it for the moment.


4 thoughts on “Monitor Wrap (20/6/18)

  1. In reference to “that particular Star Trek group” on Facebook. The FACTS are that those person’s who do not support Axanar(whether they formerly did or never have) are the ones who are responsible for the majority of the problems in the group. They are allowed to bash Alec Peters and other supporters with impunity, and if someone defends either Alec or Axanar they are either “bashed for starting trouble”, or banned outright. The person who originally started the group, has ceded control to a known axanar detractor(I won’t call them haters) and he has allowed any and all discussion of Axanr to devolve into free for all’s. Oh and he also claims that other groups that discuss axanar are “guilty of censorship” when admins ask for people to follow the rules and refrain from personal attacks(and then complain when those attack comments get deleted).

    As for the memes, movie posters etc…..”the war is over”, it ended on January 20, 2017 with the settlement of the case to the satisfaction of both CBS and Axanar productions. So the constant childish behavior from the detractors side simply continues to show how social media has taken fandom(of any genre) and turned it into something most people no longer are willing to associate with.


      1. As far as we know it has never been used by an Axanar supporter but have seen it around AxaMonitor.

        I guess they mean it as some group of people fighting for Axanar in various places.


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