Monitor Wrap (19/6/18)

June 19 2018

Yesterday we wrote that things were quiet but they wouldn’t be for long, turns out we weren’t wrong.

Whilst we’ve been waiting to see whether Trekzone will break through Axanar’s shields and score an interview, Fan Film Factor publishes Part One of an interview with Alec Peters.

The interview sounded good for Axanar fans until it mentioned the uncertainty of using OWC Studios and its under construction set of the Ares.

The potential non use of OWC and the Ares bridge would be a massive disappointment to fans who expect the use of the facility and the bridge in the two 15 minute films especially after all the time and money spent helping Axanar get going.

The use of a professional director has made people on AxaMonitor query if Axanar is breaking rule 5 of CBS’s Fan Film guidelines, others query about rules #4, #6 and #9 especially #6 as Axanar needs $150,000 and can only receive a maximum of $50,000 through online efforts so Axanar will have to privately raise their money.

It is possible that since Axanar has been long in production that they may feel certain parts are under some grandfather clause, it is interesting.

Meanwhile ‘haters/detractors’ and ‘supporters/etc’ are going at it with their usual descriptions of each other, the Lois Lane moniker is back for example, Alec Peters is calling people haters and Alec and Jonathon are called cockroaches.

Trekzone hasn’t done anything yet news wise as the interview was published late in the Australian night but no doubt something will come up as this interview is big news and well it would bad for ratings and customer service to not air a piece about it.

Axanar may of found itself in a hole when trying to dig itself out of its hole, let’s see what Part 2 has when it comes out.


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