Monitor Wrap (23/6/18)

June 23 2018

SphinxCon‘s partnership with Axanar is being tested on Facebook, so far those trying to get SphinxCon to see their way of thinking is not working with at least three people banned in the first hour.

Further details such as the questions that got them banned can be seen in the AxaMonitor FB Group, meanwhile the latest movie poster is a parody of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Trekzone asked SphinxCon about the connection between Honor Harrington and Star Trek and was given the following answer.

“Star Trek is, to us, classified at “Space Opera”, which is a subset of Military Science Fiction. Axanar Productions is also local to us.”

Today we learned where the phrase ‘Douchecanoe’ came from, it came from Wil Wheaton when he commented on Axanar.

AxaMonitor (website) has a post about the Axanar FB group poll about users joining a subscription based Facebook group, they have also updated their story on SphinxCon and Axacon.

Fan Film Factor’s Jonathon Lane is going to SphinxCon and Axacon in November, he is one of a couple additions to the guest list.

Happy Fence Hopping!


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