They blew it

June 23 2018

Things were looking good for the AxaMonitor FB group, they caught the Axanar group with their subscriber fee question and forced the poll to be scrapped.

Then today they blew it, they decided to take on SphinxCon and they were happily talking about it in their group, heck they were talking about it proudly.

There was one problem, the whole world could see what they were going to write, seen that they wrote it and what they were going to write next.

Below you can see it for yourself, not a big fan of screenshots because it just goes round and round but this is a prime example of what not to do.

Oops 2.png


Ladies and Gentlemen, it doesn’t matter what side of the fence you are on Axanar you just can’t behave like this.

It has got to be said that some members in the AxaMonitor group expressed their concerns about the above with one saying that it should not be a harassment session but instead questioning SphinxCon on why they are banning people and deleting their comments.

Every person, business and FB group or page has their detractors and if you have a legitimate concern then by all means write it politely and post it because it should be answered, the answer may not be to the satisfaction of the one posting the question but if it is answered properly then people will be happy.

The other day we wrote about the moral high ground and the above proves that nobody wants it.

Star Trek fans are starting to look more and more ridiculous by the day with acts like this and it may continue as Alec Peters was being contacted and everything he was saying was ending up back on the AxaMonitor FB group.

Hopefully he doesn’t go along with it, keeps his cool and the cycle of hatred stops for at least today.


2 thoughts on “They blew it

  1. You need to realize, the pro axanar side, does nothing because the axamonitor group “forces” them to do it.


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