Monitor Wrap (24/6/18)

June 24 2018

Axamonitor (FB group) welcomed the head of SphinxCon, Dave Weiner who stayed only briefly after finding AxaMonitor’s rules ‘hypocritical’.

The internet was searched for any instances of both sides threatening the other and several have been found written over time, we really hope that these reminders serve as inspiration to stop doing such things.

Fans on both sides have got to remember they cannot wish or suggest inflicting violence on people.

On a serious note, AxaMonitor really should consider changing their rule ‘This group welcomes on-topic opinions of every stripe, but draws the line at personal attacks and name-calling‘ because virtually everyone including admins is breaking it which is probably why Mr Weiner didn’t want to stay.

Added 4:30pm – A message has gone out that the policing of topics regarding Axanar on the 100,000 member Star Trek FB group (not official ST group) whilst voted in by admins was not a 100% yes vote, there were no votes cast by admins.

Meanwhile on ‘The REAL Truth About Axanar‘ they are talking about AxaMonitor, Axacon, SphinxCon and Trekzone going through what has been said around the internet and refuting points.

A new controversy is Alec using the words ‘Spanish Inquisition’, there was torture in the Inquisition.

Another one is one man naming five people called them a ‘douchebag straight’ are wondered if ‘any of them are “straight”‘.

It now looks extremely unlikely that Trekzone will ever get their interview with Axanar people because both sides really don’t like each other and make no effort to hide it and it was on show on the above page, there’s so many mentions of the word ass or the variation of the word that it would outnumber the amount of asses on a nudist beach on a summers day.

Fan Film Factor posted about SphinxCon and Axacon and Alec Peters made himself available for another interview making it two in a week which is good for fans though it will open them up for ‘attacks’ and it will likely provoke a response.


It is interesting that both sides of the debate on Axanar say the other side is childish, immature and that they’ve got sycophants in their following.

If one side puts their foot in their mouth, it is almost certain that the other side will do the same thing by the next day.

It seems that one side is CNN and the other is Fox News, both telling people the other one is the bad guys and what you’re watching is the truthful one but all it does is confuse the heck out of the television viewers who just want their news.

There are so many groups about the Axanar issue that nobody ever gets the complete picture of events because it is so spread out and also with the amount of editing and deleting going on the narrative changes before you can make sense of it all because what you read one moment is gone the next.

No side is acting better than the other, there is no need for what everyone calls each other on every group, there are no winners only losers.


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