The lowest point has been reached

June 23 2018

At the end of ‘They Blew It’ we wrote that we hoped the cycle of bad behaviour between those between those who like Axanar and those who don’t would stop at least for one day.

It didn’t.

As we wrote this morning SphinxCon has been getting messages about Axanar being part of their convention in November.

Well Trekzone at lunchtime today got a forwarded email from Alec Peters on the subject of SphinxCon in which Alec was asked by another person ‘Don’t you just wish he’d die?’ when it came to the man who runs Trekzone.

You can’t do that, you can’t wish death upon anybody and if you ever get asked such a question condemn it immediately and then go to your groups or pages, show them and tell them that such messages are unacceptable and then send that person away.

If anyone else does something similar, send them out too.

This is the stooping of the lowest kind, you can’t get much lower than this and fans this has to serve as a message that this has gone far enough.

There are a million and one ways to debate something, the use of threats or tricks is not the way to do it.

Thoughts of death are not acceptable
Picking on peoples lives is not acceptable
Mocking them is not acceptable
Everything that isn’t polite and thoughtful is not acceptable

It is time to stop fans.


2 thoughts on “The lowest point has been reached

  1. You used the word condone about the death threats. That means you agree with it. I believe (I hope) you meant the opposite.


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