May the future be bright

June 25 2018

Yesterday was a great learning experience, I forgot to add ‘not’ before condone and was pointed out for making a confusing argument so I changed the word to condemn (no ‘not’ added) to make sure the point was clear that we don’t accept death wishes or death threats.

The AxaMonitor FB group had some good advice on their discussion about here and their words will help improve on what happens on this page.

I really hope that relations in all the FB groups and pages will get better in the future, it will not be easy as people do have bad opinions about certain others but it can be done.

Trekzone Plexus withdrew their offer to interview those from Axanar today though fans will be interviewed for their perspective which actually sounds interesting and could open up opportunities for TP.

Trekzone Plexus also announced that personal comments on Axanar will only be done on personal social media profiles and not through TP.

Coverage on Axanar will not be stopped so if there is Axanar news going around, it will be found at TP.

The above developments have nothing to do with what you have read here in the past, the whole detailed story can be seen on

I really look forward to the day that the people working on Axanar put their heads down and gets to work on finishing the Ares bridge as well as making further progress with their two 15 minute parts.

It will be one of the most interestingly reviewed fan films of all time when it gets out of the gate, the journey that has taken so long to do and one that has gone everywhere will be over.

But that will be another story, one that won’t be told today and we can only hope that it will be told someday and close the book on the Axanar story.


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