Monitor Wrap (26/6/18)

June 26 2018

Things appeared to have settled down in the Axanar world for the moment.

Trekzone Plexus have changed their policy, Fan Film Factor’s group admins stopped arguments after squabblers ignored ‘cool it’ requests and the AxaMonitor FB group is going about its business in a different manner.

Meanwhile the Fan Film Factor website has a report on the SphinxCon drama and it goes into detail on who said what, when it was said and why.

While the report is detailed, there is a feeling that it may only be focusing on one side of what went on as there was action everywhere and with multiple points of view.

The following was not mentioned because events unfolded after publication and it is nine important words from the founder of AxaMonitor concerning what went on in the discussion welcoming the head of SphinxCon to AxaMonitor “I don’t think this has been our finest hour.”

There have also been expressions of regret and this should be applauded, there was even a case when members was not into the idea that the writer of the Honor Harrington series should not be contacted about Axanar and were not happy when tweets were found on the subject.

It seems everyone is doing a Patrick Swayze in the movie Road House when he instructed the bouncers of the Double Deuce to ‘be nice’.

If people are arguing, they are told to ‘cool it’ which is ‘be nice’, they may get warned again and then when they keep on going, action is taken by either closing the discussion or blocking (‘not be nice’).

Let’s hope that this good run of politeness but remaining on business continues.


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