Monitor Wrap (6/7/18)

July 6 2018

It is largely quiet in the Axanar world at the moment.

Only the AxaMonitor group has something going on but it is mostly about take the money and run Kickstarter campaigns and the occasional parody movie poster.

The ‘Burn Axanar Burn’ movie poster has been deleted from the AxaMonitor FB group and other locations as one parody credit we discussed earlier was deemed unacceptable.

It is clear now that AxaMonitor is changing, there will still be people talking about Axanar but the way things are done will be different.

We’ve been getting a couple of comments per day, it is nice to see people talking just remember to always keep it civil.

We have added a new section and it is called ‘Introduction’, it should satisfy peoples curiosity about this writer.

Axanar and Fan Film Factor have been quiet over the last week, FFF because of holiday and Axanar for unknown reasons though it may have something to do with an answer given in the interview with Jonathan Lane.

We’ll just go and make the two “Four Years War” episodes and let the haters wonder what we’re up to.”

Haters isn’t very nice, there are critics, there are donors who are expecting perks, there are activists, there are fans, there are the generally curious and a couple more descriptions.

A person questioning Axanar about money or perks or completion time does not usually equal a hater, somebody questioning what happens at AxaMonitor does not usually equal a hater and so on and so forth.

That’s pretty much it for today.


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