Poll Update – July 5 2018

July 5 2018

Over 100 votes have been cast in each of the three polls that are currently running.

We are now classed as a hater blog due to the results currently being blowouts though we have pointed out if results went the other way we’d be labelled by some as a ‘Pro-Axanar Blog’.

PC/Mac users will find the polls on the right hand side of the screen, mobile users will find them at the bottom of the screen.

Here are the how things stand as of 9am AEST on July 5.

78% of voters (up 1%) so far think that Axanar’s two parts will not be completed.

59% (down 2%) of voters so far think the Pro-Axanar group is the more immature group.

83% (up 2%) of voters so far think that all financial records relating to Axanar should be released.

As you can see the voting has now settled down with no big shifts in the numbers.

Results now have the number of votes cast after requests though we are aware displaying the numbers takes away some of the fun in guessing the gap between polling options.

Polls close on July 14 and please remember if you are commenting please keep the comments civil and polite.


10 thoughts on “Poll Update – July 5 2018

  1. I think it is a bit unfair to say you would be labeled a “pro-axanar” blog by anyone if the polls went the other way. We dont have a history of unfairly labeling people as “Pro-Axanar” not to my knowledge. That is a big leap.


      1. So far I would call your blog a neutral look at the going-ons on both sides. I’ve heard a few people on Axamonitor say it has helped in a bit of self-reflection. However, I can also understand the opinion that doing it anonymously makes it hard to tell where you stand because we don’t know your identity. Either way, I find this blog particular interesting.


      2. Self-reflection was the aim, guess the job is done.

        As for identity well I’m not going to post about my entire life for people to go digging through but ‘Introduction’ tells pretty much the important bits.


  2. i’m only going to halfway disagree with ‘buggy the clown’.

    yes, odds are Mr. Tiggy wouldn’t be blamed personally if the poll went the other way; comments would focus on ‘axaminions’ flooding the poll to skew the results and create a false sense of numerical superiority.
    But there IS a chance you WOULD be catalogued as being ‘pro-axanar’; though those of us labeled ‘haters’ aren’t quite so banal….if those on this side of the argument figured you were ‘one of them’, they’d go with ‘Alec’s Puppet’, or ‘shill’ or some clever, slightly punny pejorative based on your name.

    there is some speculation as to your real identity; and one of the more vocal of the ‘Axaminions’ did, several months back, suggest making an ‘axamonitormonitor’ to counter all of carlos’ ‘unfounded lies’….but the idea fizzled away because carlos has an annoying habit of not lying, and citing sources, and actually doing some due diligence on his news entries….he does occasionally get things wrong, but it isn’t a lie; it was just bad information that initially looked valid.

    So, sure, the real identity of Mr Tiggy is sort of believed to be someone from the pro-axanar side, but someone who is trying to find neutral ground between both sides. some folks will continue to speculate, but unless you go from just reporting on the back and forth and switch to actually propagating one of the false narratives put forth by those unwilling or unable to admit to Alec peter’s lies and failures, the ‘haters’ are not likely to start attacking or criticizing.

    as for me, I have a few theories about your ‘secret identity’…. I can’t help but notice I’ve never seen Mr. Tiggy and Wil Wheaton at the same time…

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    1. I’m just plain, simple, Chuck or as some friends prefer Tiggy.

      Not somebody from AxaMonitor or Axanar just a person who got tired of the fighting and decided to tell the world that things were getting out of hand.

      ‘Introduction’ at the top of the site will tell you more.


      1. ….I don’t know Wil Wheaton’s middle name; it might very well be Chuck. so, until I see you and him in the same room, I am sticking with my theory that you are Mr Wheaton.

        ….well, either him, or possibly Chuck Norris….
        do you have a beard?


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