Monitor Wrap (10/7/18)

July 10 2018

Today’s story of the day is that a couple of Axanar associates now have a coffee house and people are wondering how involved is Alec Peters in it.

AxaMonitor (website) has done a story on it and depending on your outlook it is either thought provoking, nothing to write home about yet or it is an obsession about all things Axanar.

The AxaMonitor story goes through the name of the coffee house, who runs it, the connection to Alec, The Axanar Coffee attempt, domain name ownership and Alec’s mentions of helping start a business and early hints about coffee.

Two things will come from this, if Alec Peters has a hand in the Federal Coffee House people will want to know the amount of involvement in its creation and ongoing business.

People will also want to know if he owns any percentage of the business and if so where did the money come from considering Axanar is reportedly tens of thousands of dollars short in funding.

If Alec doesn’t have any involvement behind the scenes or percentage ownership then it is likely that AxaMonitor would publish those findings and move along, if he does have involvement there would likely be a deeper look at things.

It has to be recognized that AxaMonitor is not trying to scare people away from the Federal Coffee House, there are a couple of comments made throughout discussions wishing the business the best of luck.

The REAL Truth About Axanar have posted their reaction to the story, as you can imagine they’re not really happy about it.

There is some really spicy language used when it comes to describing people at AxaMonitor including using the C word and the F word in particular calling people ‘sick f**ks’.

This wasn’t needed, Alec could have just chosen to say ‘Today AxaMonitor released a story about the Federal Coffee House and Yes/No I do/do not have a role in the creation of and the current operation of the business’.

An interesting point is that Alec says ‘my friends coffee house’ instead of something like ‘a Coffee House my friends and I have established’, this can be taken as that he has no percentage of the business but if he does than this line is a fib and people will be attracted to that fact.

One thing that has been pointed out is that whilst there are claims on TRTAA that AxaMonitor taken a post down, there apparently has not been any Coffee House posts taken down.

Other news

Trekzone have celebrated their 15th Birthday today, it is also their fifth anniversary of podcast making and today they launched

Lastly, we did get a comment last week about a ‘Monitoring of the monitors’ group, there was one created some time ago but it has nothing to do with us.


This Coffee House story while potentially is just a little story has the possibility of igniting renewed fighting between those who support Alec and the production of Axanar and those who have questions about Alec’s actions in the Axanar story.

Both sides should work to keep things civil and try not to say anything about each other, an actual business can be hurt if somebody decides to take accountability too far and lives can be wrecked if somebody decides to push back.

Feel free to comment anytime but remember to keep it civil, we do not want to delete or edit any comments.

That’s it for today.


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