What is a hater?

July 13 2018

What is a hater?

Hater is one of those 2010’s words that pops up everywhere popularized by the likes of Taylor Swift.

‘Haters Gonna Hate’ is one phrase that comes to mind, made famous by the song ‘Shake It Off’.

Hater is the go to word when somebody doesn’t agree with somebody else on any issue on the planet.

If you critique something or somebody, you are a hater.
If you question something or somebody, you are a hater.
If you don’t like something that is going on, you are a hater.
If you are not interested in something or somebody, you are a hater.

One thing is certain after all these years, people don’t hate what Axanar was meant to be about.

A lot of people loved Prelude to Axanar because it was something new and creative and it told an interesting story with great actors and special effects even if the Enterprise was not away from Earth.

Those who are considered haters don’t hate Axanar, they don’t like the leadership.

Why? Because they feel that they were ripped off or that they were badly treated either privately or in public and it leaves them with bad memories and burning ambitions.

Over a million dollars was spent and all that was made was a short Vulcan scene though even that scene is hotly debated over purpose and intent.

People may of felt better about what did go and what goes on behind the scenes of Axanar if it was said that things did get overwhelming, things did get out of hand, costs were unexpected and bad moves were made and they’re sorry it happened the way it did.

But those words didn’t happen and that is what leaves a bitter taste in so many mouths, Axanar’s settlement with CBS/Paramount doesn’t interest them one bit, honesty, humbleness, sincerity and action does.

People have the right to feel upset, they have the right to question or critique but a person has the right to get those questions and critiques in a polite, considerate manner and those who question or critique have the right to be answered the exact same way.

A person is not a hater for simply critiquing a creation, a person is not a hater because they simply asked questions, a person is not a hater for not liking how things are done and a person is not a hater because something simply doesn’t interest them.

Hate, Hater or Hatred is somebody who wishes nothing but bad things to happen to another, you will find very few if anybody in the Axanar world who fits that.


6 thoughts on “What is a hater?

  1. Well said. Hater (or Detractor) is a label many of us critics of Alec have embraced in an ironic way.

    I think I’ve mentioned before that Alec likes to conflate people having issues with him with hating Axanar. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many of us loved and donated to Axanar and are angry at him alone for blowing through the money, not making the film, and not being the least bit apologetic or taking responsibility for it.


    1. Always think of Farm equipment when seeing ‘detractor’ (The Tractor).

      But yes one gets the feeling the unhappiness is mostly directed at the way things have been conducted rather than the product of Prelude to Axanar and the vision of Axanar.


  2. Hate is a pretty strong word.

    I don’t hate Axanar. I donated to Prelude and quite enjoyed it. On the back of it I donated to the next two crowdfunding campaigns.

    Since I has the arrogance to speak up about how the money was being spent I was branded a hater early on. I don’t hate Axanar OR Peters. I just think he’s an incompetent arrogant idiot.


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