Monitor Wrap (19/7/18)

July 19 2018

AxaMonitor’s FB group has been busy over the last day and a half with a whole series of topics.

Elon Musk recently called a diver a Pedo (Pedophile) and it has brought back memories in AxaMonitor’s FB group of the time Alec Peters said Carlos Pedraza (AxaMonitor founder) made underage gay porn.

Some have commented on what they think are similarities between Alec and Elon in their day to day actions.

There was more discussion on the Axanar Podcast, some are wondering what happened to all of the TV’s that were spotted in past photographs of the Ares Bridge and surrounds.

Alec Peters is going/or hoping to go to SDCC and asked if anybody is staying in the Mariott, one comment maker said ‘Only if I can punch him in the throat’ which wasn’t very nice.

How long the comment will not be noticed by those who support Alec is anyone’s guess but they will probably say something back when they do see it which will turn the tables around again.

Kickstarter was again a major topic, this time it is about the game Star Citizen which has raked in a total of 190 million dollars and has delivered very little in the eyes on many observers.

A donor sued the game company in small claims court over the game delays and lost the case.

President Trump and Alec Peters are apparently sounding more alike each day, Donald Trump used the word ‘haters’ in a recent tweet and haters is a word Alec has used a several times.

Star Wars have their fan awards coming up and the terms are pretty restrictive, so restrictive that Star Trek fans have it pretty good under CBS/Paramount and once upon a time had it really good.

Meanwhile Fan Film Factor talked about the Star Trek and Dr Suess mashup that led to a lawsuit from Dr. Seuss Enterprises alleging copyright and trademark infringement, the defendants are hoping to raise $25,000 on GoFundMe.

All is quiet on the Axanar and The REAL Truth About Axanar pages and groups after the release of the podcast earlier this week.

This is just some of the topics going on at the moment, browse around, see what you can learn and remember to always keep it civil.


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