Monitor Wrap (17/7/18)

July 17 2018

A new Axanar podcast was released, it is number 53 and a great deal of the 15 minutes was spent discussing AxaCon.

Nothing was said about the SphinxCon incident which is a good thing as it is something that didn’t need to come back to life.

There was a brief mention of the Ares bridge and what is needed to be done, the talk didn’t really sound different to what was said in the interview with Jonathan Lane.

AxaMonitor is discussing a spread of topics from fan films, copyright expansion and ‘Once More With Feeling’.

Fan Film Factor/Forum has discussed Stage 9 Studios Patreon and Open House announcements.

Meanwhile Trekzone have announced their future fan film efforts, they also reached a milestone as ‘Once More With Feeling’ reached 5,000 views.

MTM will be closed for a couple of weeks from around the 22nd, that’s what happens when you move house.

That’s it.


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