Karma? Seriously?

July 30 2018

Axanar’s first post in some time was a post of a story about the allegations of Sexual Misconduct that CBS and Les Moonves are facing.

Axanar said ‘This is very interesting’ and some comment makers said that the allegations is karma which is quite astounding.

CBS defended their intellectual property, fan productions were raking in the cash for years and were going down the road of professionalism and Axanar’s money raising and announced ambitions was the production that crossed the line of what CBS/Paramount deemed acceptable.

The lawsuit happened, the settlement happened and now everyone has the one fan production sandpit that they have to play in.

Allegations of Sexual Misconduct is not Karma, it is not something to mock or celebrate, allegations of Sexual Misconduct is 100% serious and it should not be treated as anything less.


3 thoughts on “Karma? Seriously?

    1. It is said that Karma is ‘Getting what you give’ so those who say CBS got Karma are basically saying that CBS dished out bad karma with the Axanar lawsuit and they have received Sexual Misconduct allegations from elsewhere in return.

      But what those who make comments about Karma or Discovery in the topic have forgotten about is the allegations, the person or persons who made them don’t give a damn about karma or Axanar or Star Trek because they are interested seeking justice for what they say happened to them should their claims be accepted as fact by a judge or their peers.


  1. Its sick, but Peters has a history here. A refusal to have empathy or basic human decency. Everything that happens is only measured on the scale of “how much does this effect me?”


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