Monitor Wrap (3/8/18)

August 3 2018

Things are still pretty quiet in Axanar land at the moment though there is a few bits of action here and there.

AxaMonitor’s Facebook group is the most lively of locations with a chunk of the discussion being about the ‘Karma’ some Star Trek fans think CBS has received from the Sexual Misconduct allegations.

There is not a lot of support out there for anyone who thinks the Sexual Misconduct allegations is karma for events such as the Axanar lawsuit, the cancellation of Enterprise and the creation of Star Trek Discovery.

Axanar Comics looks set to start publishing more of their story, what we’ve seen so far of the story has been entertaining although some have questioned the quality of the dialogue.

Others believe that the amount of work released by Axanar Comics in the last couple of months is more than what has been released by Axanar Productions in the last couple of years.

Fan Film Factor has been reporting about the Star Trek and Dr Seuss mashup that has run into legal problems, those who like Dr Seuss will find the text amusing and those who don’t will find it annoying.

That’s all for the moment.


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