Open Source Axanar

August 9 2018

Open Source Axanar has been mentioned from time to time and now it is back on Vimeo.

Two videos (for the moment) are up on the account and one is of Alec Peters struggling through his dialogue for Prelude and the second video is called ‘Prelude to Assanar: The Volcano Scene’.

Those who don’t like Alec will probably like the videos and those who do like him or like the proper Vulcan scene and those in it may not like the videos.

‘Prelude to Assanar: The Volcano Scene’ is basically the Vulcan scene but with some word changes and lots of farting added in.

There is nothing on Axanar or The Real Truth About Axanar about the videos at the moment but that can change very quickly if it gets mentioned.

Hopefully they do not react to the videos and the current peace and quiet between those who like Alec and his handling of Axanar and those who don’t continues on.

At the moment the topic of Axanar is dying down, there is hardly any new topics to discuss leaving only the discussion of old topics.

As things stand, the next topic of mass interest may be AxaCon and that is in November, Axanar podcasts may be of smaller interest so maybe the peace will continue on for some time.


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