The trouble with fundraising

August 6 2018

Funding, we are now in an age where people are asking everyone else to fund a hope or dream of theirs and such examples of fundraising include the creation of video games, movies, TV shows, inventions and more.

Some use Kickstarter and Indiegogo and sometimes one fundraising effort turns into two, three, four and even more as the creators decide they need more resources to expand and complete their vision.

Sometimes the additional fundraisers end with the completion of the promised item and most are ok with that but sometimes people get tired of the additional fundraisers and abandon ship and the final product never happens.

Axanar started with a bang in the fundraising caper and then they needed more money and as more fundraisers were launched, the feeling of discontent felt by donors rose because the money going in did not equal a finished product or even the creation of a large percentage of the final product.

So it’s easy to see why people are unhappy about Axanar, a seven figure sum got put in and people only a short scene back and now Axanar is back at square one with only a fraction of the credibility and goodwill they once had .

They can’t use Kickstarter etc now and that may be a good thing for them, they’ll have to build and thrive on what they’ve got at hand or gained through private funding.

People are now wary of fundraisers across the board, they don’t want to support something that is found to be just thoughts scribbled down on paper and no real work done, they don’t like a project that changes directions frequently and have regular setbacks and they won’t support something with a bad track record.

They also won’t support anything that eats too much from the trough (intellectual property) they have based their work on because if the creators take on established characters etc it’s all over for them and it is goodbye money.

So look around, do some digging and hope for the best if you ever part company with your money.


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