Axanar instead of ST(1)4?

August 13 2018

At least 21 Yahoo users agree with a comment that Paramount should team up with Axanar and make the Axanar story instead of making things like Star Trek (1)4.

Most people who have come through this site would find that thought funnier than a Buster Keaton movie which are pretty funny if you haven’t seen them.

A Paramount-Axanar joint effort would be considered ironic, amusing and most likely not be acceptable to even those who want Axanar made and released if it actually happened.

Axanar does get people talking when the Star Trek world is slowed to a crawl but as readers have seen the majority of chatter is not full of happy memories and beliefs.

As things currently stand, the odds on Axanar being made by anyone, anywhere are long and Star Trek (1)4 has better chance of being made even with the contract issues they are facing.


4 thoughts on “Axanar instead of ST(1)4?

  1. Axanar will never be made. Not by Paramount or CBS and least of all by Alec Peters.

    For the studios, they would never commission a fan submitted work (never have) and for Alec, he rather enjoys siphoning other people’s money for his own gains.

    His most recent venture is as a “business advisor” at the Federal Coffee House in Atlanta… somewhere, I’m sure, he can distribute that Klingon coffee…


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