Monitor Wrap (19/8/18)

August 19 2018

Patrick Stewart and Star Trek Discovery have dominated chatter in the Axanar world over the last two weeks but there has been some room for Axanar.

AxaMonitor has a mixed bag of material from Star Trek Discovery to the next Patrick Stewart show, something on narcissists being gullible and lastly there’s a Blu-ray copy of Prelude to Axanar that has a price tag of over $100.

Axanar are preparing for AxaCon and it seems the convention is taking shape on the road to November.

Axanar also helped spread the word to assist a family after they encountered some tough times.

CovfefeWorx Films are still pumping out the film posters and they are probably working harder than any group on either side of the fence.

It appears that the well is running dry as Axanar are offering up nothing tasty for AxaMonitor to chew on meaning that they’ll either have to speculate on the future, talk about something else that is not Axanar or just dig through the same old fields.

Axanar’s quietness could mean one of two things, Axanar is being worked on quietly to allow for peaceful development, they making people guess what is going on or the project is quietly being abandoned.

That’s all on this quiet, windy Sunday.


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