Monitor Wrap (31/8/18)

August 31 2018

Everything has gone back to quiet in the Axanar world which isn’t entirely a bad thing.

AxaMonitor’s website and the FB group are currently discussing the lawsuit between Anas Abdin and CBS and Netflix over several apparently similarities of his game and Discovery.

Some may question why AxaMonitor is so interested in the lawsuit when Axanar is not directly involved but their website story tells readers why the lawsuit is of interest to them.

Meanwhile former major player in the Axanar story Trekzone has made some changes and has come up with a new venture, they have entered the world of podcasts.

Axanar was mentioned in Trekzone’s latest editorial which was about the lawsuit between Anas Abdin and CBS and Netflix.

CovfefeWorx Films has a new movie poster out for those who love to see what movie poster is parodied and what all the text will say this time.

That’s all on this windy but sunny Friday afternoon, until next time stay civil.


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