The candle

August 28 2018

Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine brighter. remember that.

The above was posted on The REAL Truth About Axanar.

It has been said to us many times that those who watch and/or report on Axanar’s progress (or perceived  lack of) don’t do what they do to bring Alec Peters or Axanar down but to hold him accountable for what happened in the past and anything that happens in the present and future.

If the above paragraph is true then the candle is going to continue to burn on until Alec blows it out or there is no more candle left.

Forget about ‘Haters’, no person on this planet (or universe if anyone is out there) will ever have a 100% approval rating in what they do every single day of their lives, what people care about are things like honesty, ethics, accountability and action.

We’re not saying that a change in attitude and openness will bring acceptability by the masses but it may get you a few points of credibility later on in life when the next challenge comes along.


2 thoughts on “The candle

  1. Shouldn’t we properly extend the metaphor? All we’re looking for is for Axanar to answer to the people whose money it used to buy the wax, the wick, and the match used to light it in a big empty studio?


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