Monitor Wrap (7/9/18)

September 7 2018

Not a whole lot is happening in the Axanar world at the moment as Les Moonves’ future and the lawsuit shenanigans between a game maker and CBS and Netflix goes on and takes up attention.

However Axanar have made yet another Clanger (goof) in their talking up their feelings about Mr Moonves and/or CBS.

A look on Axanar’s Twitter account shows that they still seem to think what is happening with Mr Moonves is karma because of the Axanar lawsuit though how that is possible remains the question.

If for example Mr Moonves and CBS cancelled a show on TV that was successful and replaced it with something that became unsuccessful then it is understandable if somebody says it was karma because they pushed their ratings luck and they paid the price.

But what is currently happening with Mr Moonves is because something serious taken place, his future fate is nothing to go out and celebrate about, its nothing to go ‘It’s Karma’ about.

People are affected by what happened at CBS and they don’t need some Star Trek fans to make it about themselves

The lawsuit happened, a settlement was done and time is not going to change the outcome and people are still wanting at least two things from Axanar and those are accountability and a finished product.

Meanwhile AxaMonitor still appears to be an interested spectator of the lawsuit attempt between game maker and CBS and Netflix, while there is no direct link to Axanar they do keep popping up in conversations about the story making them indirectly involved.

It will be interesting to see how long the lawsuit story stays around before everyone moves on to the next big story in the Axanar world is.

That’s about it for today, be good to each other.


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