Monitor Wrap (10/9/18)

September 10 2018

Dominating today’s chatter is the resignation of Les Moonves, a man accused of Sexual Misconduct.

Axanar is still going along the karma route and hardly anyone there realizes that Mr Moonves’ resignation is not karma for anything that happened with Star Trek but the resignation happened because of Sexual Misconduct claims (100% nothing to do with Star Trek).

Meanwhile AxaMonitor’s FB group (which is separate from the AxaMonitor website) has discussed the karma issue, Mr Lane’s advice to a fan production and when fundraising goes wrong in terms of raising money for somebody and reportedly keeping the bulk of funds for themselves.

Over at The REAL Truth About Axanar, there is another picture post and this time it is about ‘toxic’ people, it is a post that is completely unnessercery and it is as if Alec is trying to start a fight when none is needed.

If the ‘toxic person’ is Carlos Pedraza and/or those who believe in his way of thinking, it is because they are on Axanar’s tail and they have a right to do so because they or people they know spent money on a product that hasn’t arrived even in its short form and they are not satisfied with the explanations of the spending of the money or the way they’ve been treated.

The post wasn’t needed because Axanar should be focusing on doing things right and not trying to spark an online fight.

There’s just no point trying to start a fight, it doesn’t look good for starters and nobody cares if somebody said this or done that for an x amount of time, all that matters is what is seen in the here and now after so many years.

In a perfect world, Axanar would say something in terms of their plans etc, AxaMonitor would assess what is said, give an opinion on what was said using what they believe is fact and in turn Axanar politely answers each counterpoint but unfortunately the last part never seems to happen.

The above may seem like I am a hater but I am not, I wish Axanar’s two parts would be made, I wish that people would get their proper explanations for how the money was spent and apologies made for the way people were treated.

But Axanar should be careful, they may end up being like Joe McCarthy, his hunt for Communists included almost everybody and in the end he lost all credibility and Axanar could lose what support it has if it continues doing what it does.


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