Bugs Bunny and a Minibus

October 2 2018

Over the last day we have learnt that ‘Maroon’ is Bugs Bunny’s version of saying ‘Moron’ though we wonder why use Maroon when not everyone has seen a lot of classic Bugs Bunny cartoons and everyone knows Moron instantly.

It was amusing that discussing Maroon was more of interest to readers than the fact AxaCon is now a seperate ticket to SphinxCon and so as Trekzone wrote people can now ‘join a party at Alec’s place’ for $53 for one package and $80 for the better one instead of $91+.

We thought about the set tour, why don’t they hire a minibus for the day and take people to OWC Studios? It may be a couple of hundred dollars more but if you’re willing to risk around $5000 then why not go the whole hog and bus people over and further enhance the attendee experience.

We were asked for our opinion on why we think no work is being done on Axanar, we gave an short answer due to the late hour in comments on ‘Morons and Jokes’ and below is our expanded answer.

We all know that on paper that Axanar is being worked on but going from paper to filming seems to be very vague and uncertain and that is what concerns people.

There is a bridge set that is being finished for AxaCon but there is no word on whether bridge scenes would actually be in Axanar (the original answer was no).

It has been written that December 2018 – January 2019 could have filming done on whatever Axanar is going to be in 30 minute form.

The goal is for a 2019 release but they don’t sound really sure about that.

There is no word on funding, they can’t kickstarter their way to whatever they need money wise so it has to be private and you need money to make a film.

If I was making a fan film and I know there is no possibility of making a profit and I don’t want to sacrifice film quality then I would wait for either family, friends or donors to pitch in to reduce the personal financial impact or allow for further film improvements.

Axanar is the most anticipated fan film out there, it blew through $1.2 million dollars for only one scene (The Vulcan Scene), people are upset about that and the lawsuit with CBS that ensured the money and original plan was gone and so they feel that all the above has been treated like it is no big deal with no apologies for the strategies that didn’t come off and resulted in no money left in the kitty.

It is anticipated because people want to know things like how does somebody and their team bounce back from losing $1.2 million dollars? What did they end up with after cutting the story down from 90 minutes to 30 minutes? Can the new members of the production team match the Prelude team’s efforts? Can lightning strike twice in regards to success? Will people take the final release seriously?

It has been noted many times that people labelled ‘haters’ loved Prelude to Axanar, they invested or invested more for Axanar and the money loss and lawsuit happened and that ticked them off and their unhappiness made them ‘haters’.

Personally, we’re not ready to label Axanar as never happening, there is every possibility there is something planned out right now to put egg on peoples faces later, it has been hinted that people know the real plan and they are not saying anything so there is the possibility it is true for a later date.

Would those labelled haters or were burned by the collapse of the original Axanar watch the shortened Axanar? Probably but it wouldn’t make a lot of them feel more forgiving about the past.

Hopefully the expanded answer is to satisfaction.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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