Jokes and Maroons

September 30 2018

Things have settled back down in the Axanar world after the frenzy of activity.

There is a change for AxaCon with AxaCon now being separate from SphinxCon, it is $50 online for Crewman Level and $75 for Officer Level but you still got to make your own way to see the Ares bridge set.

The Officer Level seems to be the better deal with $75 of free stuff plus a badge and patch.

Those who want to see what SphinxCon has to offer will need to buy a combo ticket so they can go between SphinxCon and AxaCon.

We’ve been doing some thinking about AxaCon, AxaCon has two guests with lots of Star Trek experience, forget about 100% Axanar why not have J.G Hertzler talk about the 27 episodes of Deep Space Nine he was in plus he was in an episode of Voyager and done video games too.

Don’t forget Gary Graham appeared in 12 episodes of Enterprise as Soval and he was an important character especially when the Vulcans were highly critical of Earth’s attempts to explore the universe.

Both actors could probably fill in at least an hour each with stories especially if videos were available so people could see scenes and discuss, it would add variety to the event.

We’re not keen on the idea of AxaCon failing, we want it to be successful and not be a financial loss because that’s cruel to wish financial loss on somebody but personally AxaCon should of been replaced by work on the film to get it done and out of the way.

If you’re interested in going to AxaCon, click here to find out more.

Attempts of humor from both the popular Axanar discussion groups dominated the week with The Real Truth of Axanar joking about having a fundraising fight between Alec and Carlos.

Alec also called Carlos a Maroon, for those who know Australian sports, A Maroon is a member of the Queensland Rugby League team, he could also be a Mountain, A German band, a member of Maroon 5 and a Barenaked Ladies album title.

The first rule of writing insults is that you must either spell the insult correctly or say one that people would know well as Maroon as an insult is lesser known than Moron.

Meanwhile on AxaMonitor’s FB group, there were plenty of jokes cracked at the ‘Axanar : The Fans Perspective” panel with some of the jokes being about bedtime by 9pm and assisted living, some of the jokes may by found to be a bit excessive.

Penis Envy‘ has been a popular topic on both groups, it appears that what is trying to be said on TRTAA is that Carlos is a girl who wishes that they had one, meanwhile on AxaMonitor’s FB page commenters are saying that the OP has a different kind of envy than the meaning.

That’s it for now, be good to each other.


8 thoughts on “Jokes and Maroons

  1. Not that I’m one to defend Alec, but “What a maroon” is a Bugs Bunny reference. That’s what he says instead of “moron.”


      1. It’s a cultural thing. Alec and I are within a few years of each other so I can see where he would use it. Until you mentioned it it wouldn’t have occurred to me that someone wouldn’t get the reference.


  2. “AxaCon should of been replaced by work on the film to get it done and out of the way”

    But postulate for a moment, why do YOU think no work on the film is being done? Have an opinion, opinions are important, opinions can exist without causing offence.

    The answer is obvious and you know it.


    1. Considering that fan films are a financial loss as no profit can be made, it is better to seek financial assistance in making one than go at it alone and lose money.

      On the other hand, spending personal money to ensure that said project is rolling forward and showing that it is would boost confidence from donors as skin is in the game and progress is evident.

      What is concerning is that in interviews there is no set plan given for Axanar.

      A bridge set is being finished and it may not even be in the film itself as mentioned in Fan Film Factor which makes no sense because why bust a gut to finish it unless it is for post Axanar work.

      The stated December 2018 – January 2019 filming plan is no certainty.

      Now the appearance of no solid activity could all be a ruse to make people look stupid but it is impossible to have anything in the can now until at least after AxaCon.

      There’s so much more to consider but it’s almost ten to midnight so will be back later to complete opinion.


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