FedCon USA and AxaCon

October 9 2018

We were browsing through AxaMonitor’s FB group today and among all the jokes was one post that was attention grabbing.

There was a post about Alpha Waves Radio who have a subscriber only podcast talking about a convention called FedCon USA which happened in 2008 and it fell apart quicker than Milli Vanilli’s career after getting busted.

What does FedCon USA got to do with Axanar? Axanar are having their convention next month and FedCon USA is a reminder of what can happen if things go wrong like it did for FedCon USA.

Trekmovie.com tells the story in detail of how the convention launched on a Friday night and it was all but over by 11:14am the next day (its first full day) and was completely done by 4pm.

Soon after word spread about problems with the convention from bad organization and hidden details such as the split between the popular FedCon Germany and FedCon USA months earlier and soon Tim Brazeal was on his way out of the public eye.

FedCon USA’s collapse marked the end of an era for the great website Trekunited.com, soon there were new people in charge and some of the crazy magic was gone with the change.

Trekunited in the late 2000’s was like a factory of talent and a place for those wanting to try their hand at being creative, Trekunited Australia for example had at least three members who made a fan production (the productions were Once More With Feeling, Endeavour and Enterprise S5), six who have either made fan fiction or reported on it and the list goes on.

Trekunited (pre-2008) at least to this writer was a great learning experience, it taught people about the beauty of fandom and the dark side of it, it connected fans from around the world and as mentioned earlier brought out some new talent.

Trekunited lives on to this day and there is even Trekunited Radio existing now.

Back to FedCon USA and AxaCon, there are similarities between those behind both conventions.

Both Alec and Tim have had a crack at making a studio, both raised money relating to Star Trek with Tim raising money for a fifth season of Enterprise S5 and Alec raising funds for Axanar and now both have or will have conventions.

Another similarity is that J.G Hertzler was a guest at FedCon USA and will be at AxaCon in November.

There is no doubt that others can tell of other similarities but those above will do for now.

We hope that AxaCon doesn’t disappoint or has problems or totally collapses, people were brutal with FedCon USA in 2008 and with the increase of social media since then things would get a whole lot more unpleasant for Alec than what Tim Brazeal faced.


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