Monitor Wrap (11/10/18)

October 11 2018

Stage 9 Studios continues to be the topic of conversation over at AxaMonitor’s FB group and at Fan Film Factor, will CBS take action over S9S’s ‘Fan Appreciation Weekend’ and appease their set tour license holder James Cawley or will they let it go?

Some say that the FAW is a one off thing, let them have a weekend having a good time with fellow Star Trek fans and their guests and some say that the set tour license should be upheld and the FAW be shut down.

But what happens if CBS says Stage 9 Studios can’t do their weekend and decide while they’re at it Stage 9 Studios can’t use the sets they’ve got at all?

Can the tour of the USS Ares bridge planned for AxaCon be canned because it is a set tour even if the Ares is not a TOS set?

On one hand it is not a TOS set but on the other hand it is a tour of a Starfleet ship even if it is not an official on screen starship.

Speaking of AxaCon, the schedule is taking shape and JG Hertzler and Gary Graham will be talking about Star Trek as it is currently penciled in for 10am to 11am on Saturday.

As it currently stands, AxaCon guests will have 9 standalone events to attend (not including bar nights), 7 events that can have SphinxCon attendees attend as well, two events at OWC and two are donor lunches.

We still think they should get a minibus hire to take people to OWC because it would enhance the experience and save people the fuel costs of 40 minutes from the Hotel to OWC.

Axanar must be happy that attention has gone off them for a couple of days thanks to Stage 9 and Stage 9 Studios but this Stage 9 Studios story can only go so far and those at AxaMonitor’s FB page will then pay more attention to whatever Axanar does or does not do.

Until next time, be good to each other


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