Trekzone leaves daily Axanar fight

October 12 2018

Trekzone has left behind the daily Axanar fight in an editorial that was written yesterday afternoon.

Like Trekzone we have queried whether or not AxaCon’s set tour would get James Cawley upset as he is the Golden Ticket holder of set tours and if he is upset CBS could get upset too.

No matter the level of completion of the Ares Bridge, it would have all the identifying marks of a Star Trek bridge and that is what has us wondering if it would attract attention even if it is not a Star Trek TV series bridge replica.

We are also concerned about what the consequences of the desire to shut down Stage 9 Studios ‘Fan Appreciation Weekend’ would be as there is the possibility of CBS could also tell them to stop using their replica sets.

We know that there is ice cold relations between some of those involved with the S9S sets and James Cawley with some suggestions it is because of Star Trek Continues run of success after New Voyages.

If S9S is shut down, they may as well just pick up some sledgehammers from Lowes and demolish every wall, light and other fixture because those sets would be absolutely worthless.

Fan Productions are already a money losing venture as you cannot make a single cent profit (fair enough too) so there are few options to keep losses down.

They couldn’t make fan films on it, they can’t show them to people and there’s not a lot you can do with it unless you turn it into a house and it would be a very uncomfortable house too.

An option could be that they be brought out and the second lot of sets becomes a franchise location somewhere in the United States.

Fan Productions as we know it could be further eroded by any decision on S9S, if their sets are shut down then nobody is going to build any kind of sets and nobody is going to put up, pull down and put up again their sets to appease James Cawley and CBS.

Maybe it is a good thing to go back to say a decade ago when all the productions were made in garages, bedrooms with a console or two and green screen, quality will go back a fair way but at least no sets be used.

Is there really a nice, everyone is happy solution to all of this? Everyone has points but somebody will lose out no matter the solution.

Moving along, some believe that Alec Peters ruined fan films but it is not true, he was the last link in the chain that really got going when New Voyages and Star Trek: Of Gods and Men were stacked with professionals and had sets that changed the fan film landscape.

New Voyages were even daring enough to stick the NBC introduction to the front of their episodes giving that replicated late 1960’s feel.

Soon there was new arrivals like Farragut and Continues and the money poured in on Indiegogo or Kickstarter and so as the quality went up, the attention from the media did too and it was only a matter of time before CBS got an itchy trigger finger and Axanar came along and ripped the envelope right open and out came CBS.

We agree with Trekzone in saying that we believe AxaCon won’t be a flop as many believe it will be, we don’t know how good it will be but it should be an interesting experience for those who attend.

We have a little more optimism than Trekzone in Alec making Axanar, we can’t explain it but there is a sense that the journey will be seen through and the Axanar chapter will be closed with a million stories and lessons told and learned.

Our future is pretty simple, we’ll still be around but this is a recreational thing to do so there’s no skin off our nose if anything happens or doesn’t happen.

Until next time, be good to each other.


One thought on “Trekzone leaves daily Axanar fight

  1. I’m in a few groups Matt from TrekZone has been in and “drama quit”. I’m pretty much a lurker on those pages, but I can tell you if you pick a fight, then get pissed off that one or two members disagree with you, then you write a big long diatribe on WHY you quit ((seriously)) a FB page…then you have a serious case of the vapors.


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