October 23 2018

Those who will go to OWC Studios for the first day of AxaCon will be getting to have a look at the financials of Axanar.

Fans can have a look at the numbers and ask Alec questions about them though some have said that two hours isn’t a lot of time and most people wouldn’t understand what they are seeing.

The financials have been a widely discussed topic over the years as there appears to be different thoughts on them including the three below.

1. Alec helped himself to a portion of the $1.2 million dollars
2. Spending preparing for Axanar overwhelmed the budget
3. The books really say what happened

The first one has been debated since the the court case settlement and probably will be debated for some time to come.

The second one is judged to be likely because the studio was paid for way ahead of the immediate future that Axanar was due to be filmed across.

The third is always a possibility unfortunately we may never know and perhaps it is unwise to look far down the rabbit hole.

Now to the news

The latest story and interview between Jonathan and Alec had ,mentioned ‘detractor’ or a variation of the word 12 times, Carlos was also said 8 times either in the interview or setting the scene for it.

There may be a future interview between Trekzone’s Matt Miller and FFF’s Jonathan Lane, an offer was made in the comments section of the second FFF story on Carlos Pedraza.

The long and short of it is that Jonathan said  “I’d be curious to hear your insights, as a now-former detractor but still skeptic, into this group of people and their mindsets. Any interest in doing an interview?”. 

It is pretty likely that any interview would not be a psych report on those at AxaMonitor and will most likely look at both sides and give an honest opinion on both and both will be praised and scolded.

It will be perhaps the most interesting related to Axanar interview in the last two years and there will be nothing hidden as both like to be detailed on who they talk to and what they talk about.

These are interesting times, until next time, be good to each other.


4 thoughts on “ABBA Time

  1. Man, nothing gets past you, dude. Yep, Matt and I are discussing interviewing each other. Nothing is set and likely won’t happen for a few more weeks as I prepare for both Axacon and also co-chair the Halloween carnival at my son’s school.

    I am curious, however, why none of the “thoughts” you listed about the Axanar financials was:

    4) Nothing shady happened and the books simply show how the money was properly spent on justifiable expenses

    Yes, in retrospect, even Alec admits he should have rented an existing studio or just filmed in upstate New York to begin with. But hindsight is 20/20. Maybe I should have taken the job working with Mike Okuda on Star Trek rather than starting a small multimedia company with my brother David in 1993 and selling it for stock in 1999…stock that ultimately became worthless after the dot-com bubble collapsed.

    Look, everyone makes bad decisions or decisions that, upon further reflection, could have been made differently and had better results. If Alec had it all to do over again, he’d do many things differently. But without the Guardian of Forever or a decent TARDIS, he doesn’t have that option.

    Is there anyone right now who knows, with 100% certainty, the best course for Alec Peters to follow at this exact moment? Of course not! Some might say, “Just make the films already!” But how, exactly? Every decision has outcomes and consequences, and Alec is proceeding in the way which he feels is best for his project. And since he’s already in for hundreds of thousands of dollars and will likely be putting in tens of thousands more (more than any single donor has so far), it is, after all, HIS project. He should be allowed to proceed in the way that he decides is best, right?

    Why not let him do so?


    1. Everything has to be read carefully in the Axanar world, there’s a deep story in there when you cut through all the jokes and boasts and mocking.

      It has been learned from FFF and AxaMonitor that speed does not ensure a complete story, people run with something before the play is fully carried out.

      ‘The books really say what happened’ is saying that everything that was recorded in the books happened exactly as written down so your #4 is canceled out by #3 but we’ll change it to ‘What the books contain is really how things went’.

      You will find a big majority of people do not believe that the numbers are fudged but believe he was reckless in his spending and fighting CBS was a dumb idea.

      Alec’s biggest problem is that he is an easy mark, he explodes and becomes boastful at the slightest prodding and if it makes him look bad, the party will continue for those who like to prod.

      Haven’t there been times you’ve read a shared email or a comment on a group and gone ‘Why did you say that for?!?’ or even been upset or disgusted?

      It doesn’t matter if he is picked on day and night, two wrongs don’t make a right, he has to keep his head down and results up and the results will do the talking.

      We don’t give a hoot about his volleyball, relationship status or shirt preferences or if he sticks himself or somebody else naked in a cage (see We ♥ Axanar – The Memes) for his personal pleasure, his personal life is his personal business.

      Maybe all that had to be said is that yes he made mistakes, he is sorry to all Axanar supporters for them, he did what he felt was best for the fans and he is working really hard to see Axanar through.

      Our job is to show how awful those who like him and those who don’t are getting and try bring sensibility back.

      Unfortunately both sides like to call each other everything under the sun so the job is not easy.

      He made a deal with hundreds of people when they threw $1.2 million his way, he has to see it through, perks and all and be one of those people who deliver on their crowdfunding statements (regardless of running time) in a crowdfunding world littered by failures leaving people empty handed.

      Think of it this way, if he gets through it then history will record that despite all the turmoil he got through and while that won’t satisfy all it will be in the history books.

      Your question is more suited to the likes of Carlos who could give a long, big worded answer but will give it a try.

      The best course is to keep building up, so Ares Digital 3.0 is coming, AxaCon is coming up so all he has to do is keep on going from there and don’t say anything dumb.

      Alec may lead the project and throws money in to keep the ship afloat but the moment he accepted $1.2 million in donations was the moment the project was shared, fates intertwined.

      As said earlier keep building up, let results speak for themselves, don’t call people idiots or say they’ve done nothing or are knuckleheads, morons, a maroon etc

      Lastly, there is probably have more faith in Axanar being made than anyone outside of FFF even if MTM can’t explain the feeling.


    2. The only financials that are worth sharing are the ones he submitted to the court in the lawsuit. You know, the ones where the judge said Peters personally profited from the donations? Or maybe the financials that show all of the cash donations from conventions and where that went…

      For the most part, people realise that Peters is simply incompetent rather than nefarious. The fact he has at least one bankruptcy is proof of that. The problem with any financials he shows is that it won’t be a full forensic accounting of Axanar and HIS and Propworx financials. This is necessary because by his own admission he commingled funds. The first Kickstarter donations went to the Propworx account if you remember. An accountants report is only as good as the documents he is given. Without all of the facts any report is useless.


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