Bad words and announcements

October 21 2018

It has been a couple of days since FFF released two blog entries on Carlos wanting his airfare money back.

121 comments have been posted and there is a mix of opinions, some support Carlos, some condemn him and there’s plenty of support for Alec.

Some of the comments are not very nice for example one mentions that Carlos has a ‘poor DNA mix’ and then you got your standards such as comments about delusions.

The name calling is the saddest part of the whole Axanar debate, it really isn’t needed and makes Star Trek fans look ridiculous, nobody wants to know what restaurant Carlos supposedly ate at and nobody needs to know what kind of shirts Alec likes etc.

The most interesting comment may be this one from Alec when giving his opinion on what ‘haters’ have done.
As to the haters, they still have produced nothing of value for Star Trek fandom.”

Matthew Miller objected to that comment saying that ‘haters’ have “run very successful podcasts, have produced more fan films than you and just generally been nicer human beings”.

Alec did not respond to the comment but Jonathan did saying “(Sound of Jonathan quietly stepping back out of the way…)“.

There are several more comments that may interest people but people can see for themselves and make their own conclusions.

It should always be remembered that no matter how many times or how long you’ve been picked on, two wrongs do not make a right, only a right makes a right.

Now to news stories

Axanar now has in their possession, now people don’t have to write out when they wipe their browsers.

Axanar have also announced Ares Digital 3.0, this announcement was considered amusing to some as this is the third attempt needed to get things going but we hope that 3.0 does the job 1.0 and 2.0 could not.

Axanar have reportedly backed a project called SmartCine, this backing could be one of several backer levels but the device does look pretty cool and we hope it works as advertised.

AxaCon is getting closer, we haven’t heard much from it over the last week but tickets can still be purchased with five options, read the disclaimer before you purchase a ticket.

The above four paragraphs of news is good, that’s all Alec has to do just keep reporting and showing what Axanar is doing and don’t lash out and say things like ‘haters’ have “produced nothing of value for Star Trek fandom”.

Positive actions speak louder than negative words, let that be the ‘truth’ that people so desperately crave.

A bit of trivia for you is that is a warehouse management site which explains why Axacon doesn’t have a web domain of its own if they chose to have one.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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