One omitted word

October 26 2018

It has been said in our comments section that we said that an interview between Matt Miller and Jonathan Lane would be “the most anticipated interview in the “Axanar” world’, this is incorrect.

We actually said ‘it could be the most anticipated interview in the ‘Axanar’ world.’ and ‘could’ was skipped over twice.

We also earlier said ‘It will be perhaps the most interesting related to Axanar interview in the last two years‘.

When it was first reported, there was little buzz about it and by the next day the mail was that some of those who like Axanar were very interested in such an interview happening hence the anticipation.

Not counting Jonathan interviewing Alec several times over the last two years as Jonathan is an insider, nobody from the outside has managed to interview somebody close to Axanar since Matt Miller got to interview Alec.

We’ve been asked why it could be the most anticipated interview and we think it could be because it will be the first time in two years that two people who have different beliefs on Axanar will verbally pick each others brain for all to see.

Gone are the perceived to be biased interviews like when Matt talked to Carlos and Jonathan talked to Alec, there is nowhere for either Matt or Jonathan to run or hide because both will have full recordings of the interview and that is what makes it interesting.

Perhaps this interview could begin to thaw out relations and maybe even see more interviews in the future all the way to the top of Axanar.

The fighting has gone on for too long, the bitterness is now getting too deep in people, something has to change, but who will be the first to do so?


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