Monitor Wrap (29/10/18)

October 29 2018

Finally at the end of this working week everyone will at last find out what Axacon has up its sleeve.

There are a couple of jokes being currently being cracked about the event with some thinking it will be just a bunch of old men sitting around.

Axacon will no doubt have some areas of interest and so it will be a matter of taste in this private party that was publicly advertised.

Axanar had a volunteer day and a couple of pictures were posted of the work that had taken place, the pictures currently do not tell people a whole lot but that could just be to keep up the suspense for Axacon as people will be going to OWC on Friday.

It is still unknown what percentage of the bridge is complete, some say it does not matter as Axanar hasn’t got any bridge scenes penciled in but that stance could of changed in recent months.

The days are also ticking down on the December 2018 – January 2019 possibility of Axanar being filmed.

Everything seems to have largely settled down, there is no more controversy or gotcha moments being talked up but that can possibly change at Axacon though the odds seem unlikely that somebody closely associated with Axamonitor will go to Axacon so it will come down to just pure speculation.

Lastly, Trekzone wrote a piece on the Stage 9 Studios Fan Appreciation Weekend and also had a Trekzone conversion with Ray Tesi.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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