Axacon reports get more detailed

November 7 2018

We are starting to learn more about Axacon and what went down over the three days.

The brain behind Axamonitor (website) and one of the brains of the FB group of the same name though different aim Carlos Pedraza, did go to SphinxCon which leads to the question of whether or not he was stopped from going to Axacon because Jonathan wrote……..

“Last week, when I posted my blog editorial about Carlos Pedraza getting banned from Axacon’

Well folks Carlos was brought in to check out the last Axacon panel so the banning turned out to be thrown aside in the end and according to Jonathan all went pretty well which is good with attendees happy to see him.

It is a big turn around from the following message in ‘CARLOS PEDRAZA wans MONEY from ALEC PETERS???? (editorial)‘.

“You are on notice that you, or any current or former member of the Axamonitor Facebook group that attempts to enter the Axacon facility, will be asked to leave.  As Axacon is meant to celebrate and support the Axanar project, those who have shown repeated animosity, negativity, and antagonism toward Axanar Productions, its team members, myself, and guests of the convention are not welcome to attend.”

Meanwhile Axanar released a series of blog entries detailing all three days of the mini-convention and a report on the bridge including what they need to get to make the bridge 100%.

There seems to be a little confusion about what Axacon was, was it a convention, mini-convention or a private event as it was described as all three.

Back to the bridge, they need a 70 inch TV for the viewscreen and assuming they can’t borrow one, getting a new one of some quality would set them back about $1,199 according to Best Buy though there is one for $899.99 but with less bells and whistles.

They’ll need two new upper monitors and assuming they are the 40 inch ones, they will cost about $200 apiece depending on brand and the quality they seek.

They also need to do other bits and pieces that the blog details but they shouldn’t be as expensive all up as the 70 inch TV should they buy one.

Fan Film Factor chose to do a report on Shawn and his postings on Axamonitor about going to Atlanta though he didn’t go to Atlanta.

It was an elaborate joke (or trolling) to get people riled up and it worked because plenty of people (even some of those at Axamonitor) believed it and the Axanar folks had to check to see if he went to the places he said he went to.

We knew it was a joke after the airport posts because if somebody goes to the trouble of flying to somewhere for something like Axacon, they would take plenty of happy snaps of the first couple of locations they visit.

Also the tone of the posts gave it away, it was too jocular, too head kicking without live pictures to back up being in those places.

Axamonitor looks bad from the posts but it will most likely be forgotten in a couple of days as news appears to have a shelf life of no more than three days.

It has been pointed that one who supports Axanar was doing the exact same thing by posting that he was on his way to Atlanta when he was not, it is argued however that the accusation about the TV’s and the retraction makes the objection above smack of false equivalence.

The message at the end of the FFF blog was that Axanar is rising and for the moment it is true, the bridge has gotten plenty of people’s attention (Jonathan says his blog entry has had nearly 4,000 visits) but don’t forget the public still doesn’t know if the bridge will actually be used for Axanar or not.

It would be deceitful if they don’t use the bridge after using it as a rallying point for fan support, money and resources for the 30 minute film so Axanar has to be careful in what they do next.

Lastly the phrase “When they go low, we go high.” was used on FFF, it has to be said that this isn’t always the case as it has been seen many times that when one goes low, the other goes just as low.

Maybe we are all just a bunch of hypocrites, we tell people to do what we say but not as we do.

Until next time, truly be good to each other.


4 thoughts on “Axacon reports get more detailed

  1. They do not need to buy a 70 inch monitor. The main view screen was never intended to have a monitor. They will simply add one via CGI. As for the small monitors. They do have spares already at the studio. The 40 inch monitors that were not running was simply a hardware issue involving the output from the PC(single output instead of duel video interface), that means swapping out the video card, and they will work.

    Yes, everyone(from what I was told) was cordial to Mr. Pedrazza’s(Admiral Slater even dropped him off at waffle house).

    For your reading pleasure here is a link to my blog report on day one of the Con.


    1. TV would be a better option, more genuine than a green or blue screen though the drawback is expense and perhaps a smaller size.

      The 64 million dollar question is will the bridge be used in Axanar, if it is fantastic and if not then it is an Edsel.


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