War or just differing opinion?

November 16 2018

The other day while reading through FFF, I noticed that Jonathan Lane said in the comments about Shawn O’Halloran’s Axacon prank that ‘They’ve (‘detractors’) lost this war‘.

War is a very strong word, there are certainly disagreements and some people do go over the top when describing people but is it a war?

Those who are considered ‘detractors’ and that apparently means here too largely comprise of those who donated to Axanar and have been unhappy with how their money was spent and the way the production is managed.

Some will tell you things about Alec’s body functions, his private life, what they think the $1.2 million dollars was truly spent on, Alec’s girlfriend, a wide variety of nicknames for Jonathan Lane and more.

Some will tell you that what attracted them to places like Axanar was that it made no sense that business papers had a mix of Alec, Alec Jr and Alex Peters including Alec and Alex on the same document, click here and type in Rocketworx for an example.

They may also cite that other things did not make sense to them and they are in agreement with Axamonitor’s research.

Then you got those who work on or support Axanar with most support directed straight at Alec Peters who of course is the one that makes things happen with Axanar.

Some of them will tell you that anyone who raises questions about Axanar is a ‘detractor’, they will also tell you that ‘Axanar is the adult table. Axamonitor is the kids table’, they will tell you those who question frequently have a mental illness or they have an obsession and more.

Some of them will tell you about how many site hits they’ve got and  talk about their achievements and tell you that ‘detractors’ have not achieved anything like they have.

Some will point out the success of Axacon, the near completion of the USS Ares Bridge, the success of Prelude to Axanar, the fundraising success that Prelude to Axanar and Axanar both enjoyed, the many Facebook groups in Axanar’s honour and more.

Axacon was considered a success by those who attended, the bridge has a finishing list of 10 items but its status is now well documented in photo and film, Prelude to Axanar has been watched over 3.6 million times, they raised over a million dollars spread across both productions and there are over a half dozen Axanar groups on Facebook.

So is it a war? a war to win hearts and minds or is it just simply two sides to a debate that can get over the top when they decide to get personal instead of just being factual?

Until next time, be good to each other.


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